UAV Ariel Filming

MovieLux are pleased to offer the latest in UAV aerial filming services. Our two in-house qualified pilots hold the required permissions; PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation) granted by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) for commercial aerial filming.

Our license allows us to work with payloads of up to 20kg take-off weight, which far exceeds our standard platforms, complete with Panasonic GH4 and DJI X5 cameras. Should your project require a larger payload, such as RED camera systems, we have access to ‘heavy lift’ platforms, able to achieve flight times of over 20 minutes.

Creative film making is a passion of ours and thanks to the latest UAV aerial filming technologies, we have the freedom to place and move the camera almost anywhere giving us endless creative options.

We have the relevant experience and expertise to bring your aerial filming ideas into reality with compelling and unforgettable results. For more information please contact us for our full kit list and daily rates.