TV Productions

At MovieLux, we believe in the ever-changing trends in Television and Media content, viewing habits through the growth in multiple digital global VOD platforms and digital channels.  Successful TV networks and digital platforms, requires ever more quality television content from their demanding viewing subscriber base.  In today’s digital market’s, the need for high quality scripted Television programming with high quality production values has become paramount to keeping ahead of competitors, and gain the edge on the market helping to satisfy a demanding subscriber base in a free market in the digital revolution.

The lines between Film production and high-end Television production value, within Action / drama production, have become more and more blurred.  The merge between the two have allowed film makers to take television series productions and storylines to new height’s.  Successful TV networks and digital platforms are spending more on obtaining high end television series content for their subscriber based viewership. MovieLux have developed several new and original television drama and action drama series for today’s demanding viewers. To learn more about our television slate please see our Television slate of productions below.

Ransoms Law

Series One

Created & Written by Jack Coltrane and Will Conrad

Somewhere between the fallout from the Oil Wars and the Exhaustion of our resources came the tipping point. The moment when plans were laid to ensure that things we once took for granted- heat, light, transport, banking and the internet- would stay safe at all began the social viability score, here come the compliance detail checking energy supplies and here, on the horizon, loom the Power Zones.


Series One

Detective Crime Series thriller Based on interviews with a former FLYING SQUAD OFFICER

A thirteen episode

Created & Written by Will Conrad and Jack Coltrane

In the Tradition of TIN STAR, TRUE DETECTIVE and LIFE ON MARS, our eponymous hero is a less than reputable, frequently unreliable former cop who emerges from nowhere to wreak havoc on the smug complacency of an apparently normal world.  CROWE uncovers secrets. exposes lies and unsettles everyone.  Based in LONDON and CHICAGO, the series traces the links between some of BRITAIN and AMERICA’s most outrageous crimes set against a back drop of sleaze, graft, corruption, strip joints, dog tracks, run-down docks, boxing clubs and girlie bars. Panama Papers.

Knights End TV Series

Created & Written by Timothy Paul Taylor

England AD 1017. A young man is set to fulfill his vow to avenge his sister, when he is called upon to destroy an evil rumored to haunt the woods of his village