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Film provides the ability to tell a story, this is one of the oldest forms of entertainment in which we can picture a time, when people sat round a fire and told of stories they have heard or experienced.  Little has changed in this basic concept, except the complexities of story, and the technologies used to convey the stories in the 21st century.

The Invited

Film Genre:  Psychological Sci-Fi, Horror

Written by:  Owen A Smith

When eight individuals receive a text message inviting them to a secret rave party, all have their own reasons for attending, however, finding themselves trapped and fighting for their very lives against an unknown entity, this night is not what they expected.

PLAYDOUGH:  Script in development

Writer & Director Owen A Smith


Playdough is based on the true-life story of “Danny Wheeland”. A talented young art student and Son of a racing car mechanic who owned a successful automotive race engineering company in the south east of England building racing cars, for the well off. Danny a young man with everything to live for with a potentially bright future ahead of him lived a double life after becoming addicted to a cocktail of drugs and Alcohol ranging from Cannabis, Cocaine, Heroin and Ecstasy. Mixing with London’s high society in Kensington, Knightsbridge and Chelsea. But behind all the playboy image and lifestyle and the super cars Danny had a very dark secret, leading a double life, because in order to pay for his extravagant five-star lifestyle drugs, and the exclusive parties and the fast cars and high class beautiful prostitutes Danny became a serial armed robber.  This is his fall to redemption.

The Wicker House


Film Genre: Horror

Original Concept: Karyl Honoré

Written By:         Karyl Honoré and Ketty H. Alexis &

Owen A. Smith Writer (screenplay & adaptation)


After Doug Simmons is promoted to Vice President of European Operations in his company, he and his family make the move from New York to London. His wife, Amanda, takes control of house hunting and their domestic arrangements choosing to set up their new home in Surrey, a small country village just outside of London and her ancestral home on her mother’s side of her family. Whilst settling in, Doug finds himself in the midst of strange, supernatural events surrounding their new home.