Creative Team Script Writers

At MovieLux we believe that at the beginning of every successful feature film or scripted television drama series production must come the creative process to create and develop the solid story telling of our films and TV productions. We demand that our creative team creates well-structured story lines. We say that all our scripts should engage an audience by provoking thought and emotions. Whether those emotions are excitement, fear, sadness or joy. They must engage the viewer with the characters on screen and above all entertain the audiences watching them.

Jack Cotrane


Jack Coltrane trained at the Soho Poly Theatre with Mark  Ravenhill  and  Timberlake Wertengerger. He chaired the arts assembly and set  up  the  Kent  Youth  Theatre  with  Sue Tully (Eastenders). He is a cognitive psychologist and psycho-linguist. Jack has worked undercover for programme research and intelligence. One programme being The Granny Business for Yorkshire Television 1987, the inside story of abuse in care homes and the others, a number of diverse reports for Channel 4 between 1986-1987. Jack has also written several Theatrical Productions for Theatre.

Will Conrad


Will Conrad is a writer and Private Investigator with extensive experience in surveillance and Covert Ops. He is former police officer with fifteen years service in the Kent Police Constabulary before leaving to follow his passion of scriptwriting.  He also at times writes for a leading international Hacking magazine and recently published his first novel called BUGMAN.

Stephen Kearney

Actor & Script Writer

Stephen is a part of the MovieLux creative team, as well as being an Executive Producer and he is also a trained Method Actor. Stephen has developed his creative skills as a script writer over time and is now working on an exciting new six episodes Television series project called “Benjamin Cuttle” Drawing on his lived experience of growing up in Worcester, travelling the canal system, engaging in business, politics and making music, he has created Benjamin Cuttle. Conceived and located on and around the canals and rivers of the West Midlands. The screenplay is now in development.

Owen A Smith  

Script Writer & Programme Developer

When Owen studied Media Television and Radio Production at The North East Surrey College of Technology as a mature student in the early 1990’s. He was disappointed that TV and Film’s, rarely portrayed black people in a positive light on screen and only saw negative stereo typical images of black people on screen back then.

With his natural father, having been a successful businessman living in New York, Owens experience of seeing positive television programming around black character on TV was gained when visiting his father in the summer holidays. With series such as “The Cosy show”. Owen set out to create a UK TV series offering a positive perspective for black people away from the stereo typical images see before.

Engaging with two experienced script writers from his home town in the leafy green town of Leatherhead in Surrey. Owen learnt to script write on the job within an experienced team of writers. with interest from the BBC his first efforts being a TV sitcom. He has since gone on to creating his own main stream TV drama series and Feature films which will slowly emerge on to the MovieLux slate.  He brings with him a unique wealth of life experience which is seldom found in many and has been commissioned to write several screenplay adaptions for feature films and has helped to developing existing screen plays for other production companies who have commissioned him to develop their feature films scripts.