MovieLux has an abundance of professionals within the TV & film Industry and are now running workshops within their disciplines. These are two day workshop based at a beautiful countryside retreat which is location just on the edge of greater London situated five minutes’ drive from the M25. All courses include accommodation and meals. You will have a chance to network and get noticed by industry professionals.

Workshop 1 – An introduction to the TV & Film Industry

This workshop is run by a number of individuals working in film and television and is designed to give a strong understanding of the industry and what is required to work in a professional way. This workshop provides delegates with a strong understanding and basic over view of who the industry and how to build a career.


Workshop 2 – Creative Screenwriting

Our creative screenwriter’s workshop is run by experienced script writers who have written scripts for film and television dramas and who have directed and produced film and television. The workshop will discuss formats structure and development and give a detailed overview as to the processes involved in taking a film or television script and bringing it to the screen from a producer’s perspective allowing the writers to understand the complete process and the legal aspects of getting a film or television program/ series script produced. The course also provides delegates with an opportunity for your work to be considered by our production company.

Workshop 3 – Camera and Equipment practices

Where technology and professional HD cameras are becoming more affordable, accessible and more people want to become film makers, this course is really designed for individuals who have some experience and want to gain professional training to increase their skill set and gain the necessary skills to work in the film and television industry as professional crew. The workshop will provide you with a new skill set to work in Film and Television Production and hone your skills. We teach you the industry does and don’ts how to find work and how to build your career.

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Workshop 4 – Producing for beginners and intermediates.

This is a training workshop for individuals wishing to have a full understanding of how to produce film and television and is run by experienced producers working in the industry. The workshop explains the complex and development structure, fund raising and investment, pre-production, hiring key department heads and crew, production and post production as well as routes to markets distribution and the business structure of a feature film. This workshop is ideal for beginners and people who have produced short films and are moving on to produce feature films.

If you would like to find out about any of our courses we are running please email owen.smith@movieluxltd.comor