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THE POWER PLAY An 18 episode television drama Series written and created by WILL CONRAD and JACK COLTRANE Based on CHATHAM HOUSE’s RESOURCES FUTURE report. A covert ops unit finds itself embroiled in the unravelling of e-sections and the private plans to control rationing of energy supplies.



Somewhere between the fallout from the Oil Wars and the Exhaustion of our resources came the tipping point. The moment when plans were laid to ensure that things we once took for granted- heat, light, transport, banking and the internet- would stay safe at all began the social viability score, here come the compliance detail checking energy supplies and her, on the horizon, loom the Power Zones

Series One of Ransom has been written and has a total of eighteen episodes and is currently in development within MovieLux. The series has been written in house by Jack Coltrane and Will Conrad who are the main creative writers and associate partners in MovieLux Ltd.

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CROWE SERIES ONE: A twelve episode detective thriller written and created by WILL CONRAD and JACK COLTRANE Based on interviews with FLYING SQUAD OFFICER involve d in the BRINKS MATT robbery surveillance team and including new material from the Panama Papers



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image004Script Completed Estimated 


Eight people in their mid 20 to early 30’s are invited via text message to a secret underground Party in an abandoned warehouse in London. On arrival they hear music coming from within and can see flashing lights through the top windows and cracks in the building’s derelict walls. After struggling to get in they find there’s no party actually taking place at all and there are no other guests. Making the most of the drugs and alcohol on tap, they have a party regardless.

Realising that they are all trapped, paranoia sets in and the group question each other’s motives. They are suspicious and wonder why they were INVITED here in the first place. Blame and lack of trust builds from each perspective and our group become divided into two groups of thinking.  Just as paranoia reaches its peak; one of the girls suddenly attacks the rest of the group in a crazed frenzy.  It takes several blows to finally knock her out.. Paranoia turns to panic as they are unsure as to whether or not they have killed their friend. Some time goes by as they try to deal with the consequences of being trapped in the warehouse with a dead person. Anxiety and fear take over as the group question who will get the blame…they are all in this together now. It’s apparent that they will all be in the frame for murder as there are no independent witnesses.

This divides the group, as they realise that what started out as a party has become a fight for freedom from blame.  Suddenly to the group’s horror; the dead Girl sits back up and speaks. She attacks the group again, and now the member she has bitten has also transformed as though crazed, turning on the group and attacking them. What ensues now is a battle for survival against an unseen force possessing and reanimating the group, turning the friends on each other. In this scene of escalating destruction and carnage, who will get out alive? And who and why did someone Invite them to the warehouse..?


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Based on a true story Playdough is the story of Danny Wheeland

Playdough follows the true life story of Danny Wheeland a talented young art student and the son of a successful Lotus car race mechanic who owned a highly successful automotive race engineering company in Surrey tuning and building racing cars. For the well off. Danny a young man with everything to live for and a schoolboy motocross race champion with a potentially bright future ahead of him who came from a very affluent middle classed Surrey family. Lived a double life after he became addicted to a cocktail of drugs ranging from Cannabis, Cocaine, Heroin and Ecstasy.  Danny managed to destroy many of the lives of the people close to him and mixed with high society in London’s Kensington, Knightsbridge and Chelsea areas living a playboy lifestyle spending on average ten thousand pounds a month in the mid 1980’s and driving executive and supper cars from the age of twenty one. Danny was a functioning drug addict who lived the Rich playboy highlife that only money can buy. Danny was completely out of control and off his head on class A drugs.

But behind the playboy Life style Danny had a dark secret, because in order to pay for this extravagant five star lifestyle of drugs, exclusive party’s fast cars and high class beautiful women. Danny became a serial armed robber and he and his two drug addicted party going mates managed to terrorise the south East of England carrying out over sixty building societies and petrol stations robberies for around 30,000 a month income to support their outrageous lifestyle some time carrying out between two and three armed robberies in one day.

Whilst the film could be considered a in principle a gangster film its really only one aspect as we follow Danny through prison, his addition to drugs, alcohol women and his demise and eventual detox and his transition to a spiritual perspective on life as Danny goes through several attempts at detox and spiritual growth and his journey to the far east where he finds peace and spiritual birth and healing living with monks. For today Danny is a kind considerate remorseful individual that spends his life working with drug addicts and helping them to heal spiritually.