Invest in Our Productions

Our budgets are in keeping with realistic projected returns for the type of project we are working on. We will combine regional and subsidised state funding, the UK tax credits and where practical film in other countries where there are advantageous tax break incentives. All our UK feature films will have a minimum budget of £1m and typically up to £5m.

To protect our Investor’s financial interests MovieLux will maintain full control of all projects. Utilising tax systems like EIS, mitigating risk further by slate funding and uniquely with equity protection for larger equity investors through AA+ rated financial tools that guarantee the principle and a return over 3-5 years regardless of the film’s success. Our Greenlight Committee consists of media professionals with years of experience working in film and television that critique, hone and develop the scripts we receive until they are ready for packaging and taking forward to production.

Distributors traditionally fund the P&A budgets (print & advertising) and charge back. Costs can be high due to the money spent on giving the films exposure, on billboards, radio and TV commercials. To further maximise the potential of exposure MovieLux has a set of adjustable strategies to work alongside the Studios to develop marketing campaigns in-house that will utilise android, text and internet mediums.

MovieLux wants to make sure that our completed films are going to be seen in the cinemas and so we ensure that we have a sales agent for film distribution in place before we go to principle photography. All investments raised are held in escrow until such time.
MovieLux will be attending film festivals and all the major markets – Berlin, Cannes, Toronto, AFM and Sundance. This is where all the sales agents and distributors meet to buy and sell films. The markets are an integral part of getting our films seen and build on the relationships already established in the industry. To find out more about how you save money on your taxes by investing in our films click here EIS – Tax Relief. If you wish to know more please email us via our contacts page.