The corporate media department of MovieLux is designed to provide you with the best affordable solutions for your corporate media needs.


MovieLux wants to be seen to reach out to the public using all types of mediums. We recognise that the internet is a place to do business and as digital technology continues to develop and evolve, we see in-between the lines of traditional mediums that are becoming less definable through online digital platforms and social media. Everyone everywhere is using the internet for their communication and online socialising. Business people spend more time on the internet and prefer not to use more traditional mediums.

More people are choosing to be entertained via the internet with channels like YouTube, Vimeo, 4OD, BBC, ITV and communications with Facebook, Skype and a whole lot of others available. The MovieLux Corporate Media Team can help you reach out to the new customer bases that are currently missing out by not recognising and/or harnessing the power of the internet and marketing through viral media advertising.